Dark Vertex + 2,000 V-Buck (No need Xbox One)

Fortnite Bundle: Dark Vertex + 2,000 V-Buck (Xbox One)
2,000 V-Bucks  
Dark Vertex
⏱️ Time delivery 1-8hours after placing an order 
Working time (9:00 AM - 9:00 PM; 24/7; GMT +7) 
💬 Message me after purchase for instructions! 
🎮 Available on Global
✔️ Delivery: We will help everything

How to Reddem?

- You need to register for an XBOX Account then link to your Epic account

- Please ignore if you already have a XBOX Account before

Step 1: Download Xbox App from Ch Play or App Store:

Step 2: Choose "Store" and "Reddem code"

Step 3: Login your Xbox Account on your Xbox One


Note: Each Epic account is only and only connected to a XBOX Account